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        Why Singing is Good for You


  1. It’s relaxing. Various studies show that singing benefits your mental health, and that singing in a group increases oxytocin levels, which reduces stress. It also makes you breathe more deeply, and with more awareness.

  2. It keeps your brain young. You are exercising your brain and memory skills when learning new lyrics and melodies.

  3. It prevents snoring, and exercises your facial muscles.

  4. It improves your social life. It helps you to meet people with similar interests, and make new friends. 

  5. Choir singers are better citizens. Choir members are usually more empathic with the people around them and more generous with their time towards volunteering and charity tasks in their communities.

  6. You'll become a better listener. Singing improves your musical ear and you’ll start to listen with a deeper level of appreciation and understanding. You learn to recognise more subtlety in vocal performances and in music itself.

  7. It boosts your self-confidence. You become part of a new social community, become a better singer and gain more performance experience.

  8. Self expression! Singing is a natural and global form of human expression. You don’t have to consider yourself good at singing to participate and benefit from it socially, physically and/ or psychologically. It can also enhance your sense of creativity.

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